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popup tip

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

out of lurk mode temporarily...when i worked as typesetter and
paste-up for a litho printer, we ended up in the bindery when times
were slow and a couple of times i ended up on the "line" making
various pop-ups. i remember a specific airplane popup we did for
British Airways....it was well designed and great on the folding and
constructing end! the designer had included tiny little hairline
guidelines in the printing of the base, where the planes' various
tabs could be lined up as we stuck them down (with double-stick
tape...) They were in areas where you couldn't see them when the
piece was folded, stuck and complete. The tabs were also just a bit
larger than the tape, to accommodate the occasional clutzy tape
attachment and make things less exacting. I don't recall having to
specially varnish or not varnish an area because of the tape. we
printed metallics and uv-coated, too and even this held fast with the
double stick. i rarely was in the bindery, but became an expert
airplane attacher thanks to the tiny little guides!  May this be a
tip to the wise!

>Date:    Mon, 3 Sep 2001 14:47:47 -0400
>From:    scott bruno <bgraphicdesign@FUSE.NET>
>Subject: Pop-up Book Production
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>I'm a graphic designer working on my first pop-up piece, a catalog for
>an exhibition by the Thai artists' collective Nuts Society. The catalog
>is a tri-fold folder with a saddle-stitched booklet and a single pop-up
>showing the exhibition site. We're printing 500 catalogs; the pop-ups
>will be assembled and attached to the folder by volunteers from the art
>The printer has suggested using double-stick tape for assembly (I've
>left 3/4" tabs). I'm looking for advice on the best way to assemble the
>pop-up in regards to ease of assembly (remember, these are untrained
>volunteers!) and permanence. I know 3M makes some doublestick tape which
>is very thin, very tacky & can be applied with a tape gun. Also, do I
>need to keep ink off of the areas to be taped? Any other advice for a
>novice re: pop-up production would be appreciated.
>Scott Bruno

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