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Working life of blocking foils

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Greetings to the List,

During a recent acquisition of a Marshall Gold Blocking Machine, Series
we also received a large quantity of foils - silver, all the colours of
the rainbow,
and plenty of gold - both genuine and imitation.  They are about 15
years old,
are mostly wide rolls, and all from the usual foil makers - Whiley,
Kurtz, etc.

We have tested some of them, mainly the gold foils. They
appear to be adhering well to leather, cloth and paper, without flaking
off at the time of the blocking.  The temperature had to be altered
for the different shades of imitation gold, which is usual.  The real
gold adhered at
a relatively low temperature.

Our question is this:  Although it appears that the gold has adhered
effectively to the leather, cloth and paper, are any Listmembers aware
of possible
problems further down the track, i.e. that since the foil is "old", is
the gold likely to flake off
later on?  What is the experience of any Listmembers in this regard?

Some years ago, Whiley came out to us and advised us how to effectively
use foils in the blocking machine. They went through our foils, and
amongst other invaluable advice, they indicated how to recognise foils
too old to use, and from their advice, we discarded a number of rolls at
the time.

The old rolls recently acquired  all appear OK, but we are concerned
that the gold may flake off the books later on.  One of our customers
once came to us with this problem.  A binder, whom we knew, had bound
their journals just a few years before, and now the gold had begun to
flake off.  It is possible that their blocker had not been sufficiently
hot to adhere the gold properly, but we do not know for certain.

Thank you if you can  assist.

Peter Krantz

Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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