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Re: The Intimidators

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I'd like to make something clear. I VERY rarely cut off any discussion, but
when I do it's either because it has to be, or because I feel a need to get
back on track to the subject of this list, namely book arts. In the thread
on CDs being referred to, the archive indicates that there were over 150
postings on the subject, people didn't agree, and it wasn't going anywhere.
There was no cutting off, and if anything a redirect. Why beat a dead horse
to death any further. On intimidation in it.

I let A LOT of things go here, but as moderator I feel an obligation to try
to help keep the list on-topic and interesting to a broad segment. I read a
lot of things here that don't interest me, don't apply, or simply horrify
me. On the other hand, I also read a lot of great stuff from which I've
learned. Sometimes, however, a redirect is appropriate. A cut-off is for
those VERY rare cases, and will be used at my discretion.

As for intimidation, I agree. People need to stand up for what they believe
in, but also develop a somewhat thicker skin at time. Criticism (and I'm
not referring to theoretical art crit here) is essential to learning.
Somethings are good, others not. That's how we learn.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled discussion. Mr. Siegel, Mr. Joseph...
Carry on. ;>


>A great example of this is when we were having a good-spirited discussion on
>using CDs.  Nothing mean was being said and we were having a good argument on
>the topic. Then the moderator, apparently 'intimidated", cut off the
>discussion.  End of discussion. Nobody talks about it anymore. Dead subject.
>  At that point, I lost most of my respect for this list.
>DT Fletcher

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