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what a difference and "s" makes

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As one who enjoys the content (if not always the voice) of the current
discussions, let me offer my appreciation for Richard "starting the thread."
I read, with enthusiasm, those who write with eloquence as well as those who
write with passion.

Personally, I am playing catch-up in the world of "art" and read as much as
time from "doing" allows and find myself wandering down some older by-ways.
Howard S. Becker's book, Art Worlds, 1982 is helpful in creating
distinctions and clarifications. I quote:

"Because "art" is an honorific title and being able to call what you do by
that name has some advantages, people often want what they do to be labeled.
...[others] find it neither demeaning nor interesting that their activities
are not recognized as art by people who care about such things. Some members
of a society can control the application of the honorific term "art", so
that not everyone is in a position to have the advantages associated with
it, if he wants them."

I find a corollary in the athletic world of the Olympics. RI just hosted the
Gravity Games. Serious sport! However, the skills of a biker (not unlike a
skier) are not yet recognized in the hallowed halls of the Olympians.

Might book arts become book art?

May I say, again, how much I appreciate this list and all who contribute.


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