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Re: book art, book arts, art

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

I agree with Richard that it would be a wonderful thing to have some
attention paid to exhibits of Book Art. It is difficult to get Book Art
shows listed in newspapers, etc.in NYC, let alone have someone review

Its a very crowded art world, and there is too much categorizing within
it. I use the book form rather loosely, my work could probably fit more
easily into an Outsider Art category, however I have happily found a
home among book artists with a similar sensibility. And as a result of
making 'book art', I learned about book art, and the 'book arts'.

When I read the additional postings by Richard, from the archive, I got
a little worried.
At the end of the day art is a visual language. It requires Looking and
all the words applied to art are actually translations from one language
to another. Some writers do translate what they see better than others,
but ultimately when you read an article about art, if there is no
photograph to accompany the words, you havent a clue as to what it looks

As artists we develop by looking at art that appeals to our visions and
art that doesnt. Artists will repeat themes forever, in new ways, old
ways, wrong and right ways. Its part of the process of making art.

Reading about art is fine, but the only way I'll discover what (to cite
from Minsky) Buzz Spector (et al) has done, is if I have the opportunity
to see it. But it does no good to insist people know what came first
before they start creating. Its usually the other way around.

Suze Rotolo

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