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Re: Bindery In A Box (was Re: The Booklover's Repair Kit)

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Hi folks!

No, I didn't go and join Columbus and fall off the edge of the world. ;)

Firstly, my apologies for just up and disappearing after all my
enthusiastic questioning about the above-named two items. The last time I
popped on here, I was, in fact,  talking with Dea Sasso about her Bindery
in a Box and was right on the verge of ordering one... and then everything,
just everything started going wrong with my computer. I ended up having to
replace about half of my hardware -- first my hard drive and motherboard,
then my scanner up and died on me, and then one thing after another seemed
to go wrong. I even ended up spilling a drink all over my keyboard, and had
to replace that -- seriously, it was a veritable deluge of things going
wrong, all at the same time, one thing after another (I ultimately had to
get a new VCR, too!). :(

So in the end, all the funds I had that I'd planned to invest in the
Bindery in a Box, etc. all went down the drain -- or, at least, maybe not
quite down the drain, because I do have a really kick-ass computer now
(woohoo!<g>), so I guess it's not *all* bad. I have a sneaky suspicion now,
though, that God doesn't want me to follow in my namesake's traditional
profession of bookbinding -- which certainly would have been very
serendipitously near to my heart, actually -- but wants to keep me here in
this digital, virtual world of publication. :/

At any rate, I'll cc this to Dea, too, since I believe she's on digest and
is probably wondering where I disappeared off to -- and thank you
especially, Dea, for all your time and trouble! I really do thank everyone,
though, for all the responses that I got, because it was still very
informative for me. As for my enthusiasm, well, that hasn't waned at all --
just my ability to do something about it! You might say that my enthusiasm
is somewhat akin to dreamily loving a beautiful woman from afar, whereas
before I was right on the verge of having my first date with her as we
began our long and happy life together.

Ah well. Nothing wrong with loving from afar, and still finding joy and
discovery in one's passion in that way -- at least, as long as one doesn't
turn into a stalker other peoples' book presses, of course (which I promise
not to). ;)

Thanks again...!

Ron :)

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