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A Tale of Two Cities

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

The Center for Book Arts hosts
A Tale of Two Cities

September 14- October 28, 2001
Opening Reception:  Friday, September 14, 6-8PM

NEW YORK, NY, August 1, 2001: 10 artists from New York and 10 artists
from Bristol, England are participating in an exchange exhibition of
artists' books to be shown at The Center for Book Arts this fall.
Each artist has contributed two books apiece to the collaboration that
compares and contrasts the work created in two distinct cities
separated by ocean and culture. It was jointly curated by Sarah Bodman
of the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of
England in Bristol, England and Maddy Rosenberg and Miriam Schaer of
New York. First exhibited at Off-Centre Gallery in Bristol, England in
May 2001, the current exhibition in New York continues the exchange
England and the United States. The artists are:

Andrew Atkinson     Doug Beube
Guy Begbie      Stephanie Brody Lederman
Sarah Bodman      Soraya Marcano
The Bristol Art Library (Annabel Other)  Lise Poirier
Andrew Eason      Purgatory Pie Press (Esther K. Smith/Dikko Faust)
Stephen Hoskins     Maddy Rosenberg
Eilis Kirby      Susan Rostow
Paul Laider/Helen Smith    Miriam Schaer
Carinna Parraman     Robbin Ami Silverberg
Tim Staples      Mary Ting

A sixty-four page catalog accompanies the exhibition. It contains
seventy black and white images of
works and statements by exhibiting artists, essays by Maddy Rosenberg
and Guy Begbie, and an
introduction by curator and editor Sarah Bodman. The catalog is for
sale at $10, available through
The Center for Book Arts.

Related Events:

The Bristol Art Library, an independent performance project by Annabel
Other, will begin its New York
tour at The Center for Book Arts on Friday, September 21 from 4-9PM.
Ms. Other will be showing
The Bristol Art Library at other venues in New York, including the
Holland Tunnel in Williamsburg.

Bristol artist Andrew Eason and New York artists Soraya Marcano and
Ting will discuss their work
at The Center for Book Arts on Friday,October 5 at 7PM.

New York curators Maddy Rosenberg and Miriam Schaer will join Bristol
curator Sarah Bodman and artist Guy Begbie for a panel discussion of
the exhibition and artists' books in general at Artists Talk on Art on
Friday, October 19, 8PM, at the Phoenix Gallery, 568 Broadway in NY.


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