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Conservation Training at Cornell - For Central New York

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Conservation Training at Cornell

Cornell University Library's Department of Preservation and Conservation
has been funded by the New York State Conservation/ Preservation Program to
conduct a series of training sessions in book repair, enclosure-making, and
basic conservation program management.  The training is in the form of
internship involving short-term sessions at the Cornell University Library,
and is designed to provide libraries in the Central New York region with
the means to establish basic preservation programs.  Although the project
may be applied to any size library, the main thrust is towards the small to
medium size library with few resources.  The project will stress effective
management of existing resources and guided self help.

Participating libraries are expected to support a staff member's attendance
at the full program of three two-week training sessions spread over nine
months, and to dedicate an appropriate amount of space and basic supplies
for a modest repair operation.  The training will combine the development
of technique with concentrated practice to build skill and confidence, and
the aim is to replace often questionable methods with those that are
conservationally sound.  The three-session training program will be
repeated four times over a three year period.  The sessions are as follows:

1.  Elementary needs assessment and book repair.

2.  Construction and application of protective enclosures.

3.  Furbishing, collection surveys, disaster response, and training review.

Only two trainees per session will be trained to enable the Department
staff to give trainees individual attention.  Each trainee will return to
his/her library after the first session with a basic tool kit, a set of
printed manuals, basic skill, a model managerial framework, and continuing
access to Cornell staff as mentors and advisors.  After an interval, the
trainee will return to Cornell for the second session and the next phase of
training, and will repeat this with the third and final session.  If
desired, Cornell staff will make a site visit to the trainee's library to
assist and advise on establishing or improving a repair operation.

Training will be given in the conservation facilities of the Department at
the Olin Library.  In addition to the tools and manuals, each trainee will
receive a stipend of $150 per week to help offset any accommodation costs.

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