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MobiLivre in need of assistance

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

The following message was sent out from a fabulous
project called MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE. Perhaps they've
rolled into your town.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the projet
MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project is a traveling exhibit of
a juried collection of both actual and virtual
artists' book works, independent publications and
zines. Launching in the summer of 2001, the BOOKMOBILE
will traverse North America by way of a customized
vintage Airstream equipped with library shelving and
on line access to the digital collection of electronic
book works. The BOOKMOBILE will visit community
centers, schools, festivals, artist run centers,
penitentiaries and remote regions were access to such
works may be limited.

Check out their website listed at the bottom of the
email to view works and find out more about the
project. Please respond directly to them at the email
address at the end.
 - Deb Dormody
dear BOOKMOBILE friends,

     thanks for your generous contributions, hard work
and support. you've helped make the BOOKMOBILE project
a great success!

      again, we need your help!!! the BOOKMOBILE
summer 2001 tour may soon come to a premature end
unless something is done immediately.

     we have almost reached the halfway mark of our
tour.  thus far, we've visited thirteen different
locations and hosted a series of workshops at a
variety of venues in eastern Canada and in the
northeastern and midwestern United States. the project
has exposed over 1000 visitors to a unique collection
of artist books, zines and independant publications.
the collection has been well received and
we are excited to continue trucking along.

    unfortunately, our poor old van does not share our
enthusiasm.  we have been advised, by a great
mechanic, that our current 1985 Dodge RAM will not
make it over the Rocky Mountains.
     at this point, we are quite certain that we are
in desperate need of a new vehicle to tow the

     since the project has received very little
funding, thus far we've been completely reliant on the
generous donations from hosting venues, audiences,
and friends.  in order for us to complete our tour, we
need all the support we can get. if you have any
suggestions about potential vehicles (8 cylinder
Suburban, one ton truck or van) that is able to pull
our 1959 Overlander Airstream trailer, or are in a
position to make a donation to the project, we ask
that you contact us via email immediately (before
15th).  we are on a tight schedule and we appreciate
any help you may be able to offer us.

     Please feel free to forward this message to your
friends, membership mailing lists, or anyone who may
be able to lend a hand.

     thanks for your continued support of the project.
we could not have realized it without you.

     -BOOKMOBILE collective
     Courtney, Ginger, Leila, Onya and Rebecca

     -BOOKMOBILE regional coordinators
     Lisbeth, Fereshteh, Aya, and Tammy

reply to:

Debora Dormody
if'n books + marks
handmade journals and albums for brilliant living

Rhode Island

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