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WOID #VI-33. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

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[Note: I have just learned from an unimpeachable source (not Bill
Clinton) that the footage CNN has recently presented of Palestinian
children celebrating the WTC bombing dates from several years back, and
shows celebrations for a national holiday of some sort.]

At first, of course, the media were equalized: a pay phone worked where
a cell-phone wouldn't, you could get on-line but you couldn't reach
crosstown. Then authority reasserted itself, some media were more equal
than others, and you had to chose.

Yesterday I was told that, according to National Public Radio, there
had been "widespread" attacks against Muslims. So I listened in, and
heard about the five same attacks I'd heard about the day before,
except that five now counts as "widespread." As of today in New York,
those few attacks on Muslims have been mostly verbal. Kids from Joisy,

Yesterday the news mentioned that there had been ninety bomb "threats"
in New York City. They obviously meant bomb scares. Even today, after
every one of these scares has turned out to be unfounded, the news call
them "threats." Perhaps someone will set up a temporary shelter where
volunteer English teachers can be on call for disoriented newscasters.

Last night, on TV, the roving reporter reported that in Lower Manhattan
there were flags "everywhere." That's odd, because just that afternoon
I'd cut across lower Manhattan, and there were a few flags, here and
there. That's all right, there'll be plenty, now.

Dan Blather came on, looking grim, as though he wasn't personally
responsible for the news. Then his friends came on, and they told us
there was anger in New York. So they looked for people with anger,
without much luck. Maybe it's because they only asked the men. Then we
were taken to an Army recruitment center, and told that "people" were
signing up with the Army. That's what people do at Army recruitment
centers, sign up. So we saw three people who had come in to sign up.
Poor Dan, looking for hate in all the wrong places.

Speaking of media. Never have I more wanted to be downtown, with a pad
of paper and a sharp pencil. To get the details, and get them
right. "The poet lives. The coffin-birds are snapping."

Paul T Werner, New York

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