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Re: WOID #VI-33. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

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I'll be glad to forward the whole story, as I have it, to anyone who
asks. Enough to say that my source is a highly respected scholar (okay,
an art critic as well, but don't hold it against him), who double-
checked with the chair of the Journalism School at an Ivy League
college. It seems the footage actually represents Palestinian children
celebrating the invasion of Kuwait, some ten years ago. The
photographer, who is Brazilian, noticed the same footage on CNN, and is
naturally furious.

Vitriol? No, the best disinfectant.

Paul T Werner, New York

----- Original Message -----
From: Victor Caston <vcaston@UCDAVIS.EDU>
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001 3:11 pm
Subject: Re: WOID #VI-33. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

> >[Note: I have just learned from an unimpeachable source (not Bill
> >Clinton) that the footage CNN has recently presented of Palestinian
> >children celebrating the WTC bombing dates from several years
> back, and
> >shows celebrations for a national holiday of some sort.]
> Shame on CNN, if your source is right.
> Perhaps Paul could ask his unimpeachable source whether the
> photographs and reports from the BBC and other world news
> organizations about Palestinian celebrations in Nablus and in Lebanon
> were similarly manufactured. And the statements by Arafat and others
> to minimize such responses as not representative of Palestinian
> sentiment as a whole (which I hope is true). And the reports that
> Iran and Iraq have officially applauded the attacks.
> There may not be anger in some parts of NYC. But the vitriol seeps
> through nonetheless.
> Victor Caston

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