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What They Are Saying Abroad

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I suggest that those interested in the opinions being expressed abroad read the
media from those locations rather than argue about local propaganda. In wartime
all media are heavily controlled {as though they aren't the rest of the time?
;>} .

I just followed a link posted on exlibris to national and worldwide news links.
Most of the ones in places that interested me are outdated or irrelevant, but a
few are current. As an example, I have copied an article from today's Pakistan

=========begin copy===
 ISLAMABAD—Leaders of almost all the political and religious parties along with
government  of Pakistan have condemned the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington which claimed precious lives.

 Speaking on PTV on Friday Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Dr Mehmood
Ahmed Ghazi  said the government condemns terrorism whether it is in Palestine,
Kashmir or United States.

 He said terrorism is against the very spirit of Islam which terms it a crime
against  humanity.

 JUI Chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman said,” we condemn terrorism wherever it

 He expressed grief and sorrow over the loss of innocent lives in recent acts of
terrorism in  the US.

 He said Islam preaches harmony and peace and the perpetrators of such acts do
not have the backing of Muslim ideology.

 PAT Chief, Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri said the attacks on the United States are the
 example of terrorism and are based on enmity against the entire humanity.

 JI Chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed said, “ we share the grief and sorrow of US
government and  the people. We also share the grief and sorrow of the families
of the innocent victims belonging to various nationalities and religions.”

 PPP leader Ch Aitzaz Ahsan expressed his grief and sorrow over the incidents
saying every  individual in the world is expressing sympathy to the American
people and government.

 Bishop of Lahore, Alexander John Malik while condemning the acts of terrorism
in the US said, all the civilised nations will condemn such acts of terrorism
wherever they occur.

 Sikandar Hayyat Malli, a leader of PML (Q) said there is no example of such a
big terrorist act in the world.

 JI leader, Liaquat Baluch said the entire Pakistani nation is expressing
solidarity with Americans at this moment of grief and sorrow.

 Prominent religious scholar, Pir Syed Asif Gilani said such acts causing the
loss of innocent lives are deplorable.

 ANP leader Bashir Ahmed Bilor said,” we deplore the terrorism wherever it
occurs and whoever is its victim.

 Lord Nazir, the Britain Parliamentarian said, “ our prayers stand for the
families of the innocent victims of this incident”.—APP
===========end copy===

This was in the area titled "city news" at

If you want to read local stuff elsewhere:



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