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=5BI don=27t have much use for quotes=2C as a rule=3B perhaps someone wil=
l find =

some use for this one=2E=5D - Paul T Werner=2C New York

When the gentle Rabbi =5BChanina ben Teradion=5D=2C wrapped in the scroll=
s of =

the Torah=2C was flung upon the pyre by the Romans for having taught the =

Law=2C and when they lit the faggots=2C the branches still green to make =

his torture last=2C his pupils said=2C =22Master=2C what do you see=3F An=
d Rabbi =

Chanina answered=2C =22I see the parchment burning=2C but the letters are=

taking wing=2E=22
And so it was for millions=2C who turned from Luftmenschen into Luft=2E I=

shall not translate=2E So this story will not finish with some tomb to be=

visited in memoriam=2E For the smoke that rises from crematoriums obeys =

physical laws like any other=3A the particles come together and disperse =

according to the wind that propels them=2E The only pilgrimage=2C estimab=
le =

reader=2C would be to look with sadness at a stormy sky now and then=2E
Yes=2C at times one=27s heart could break with sorrow=2E But often=2C too=
=2C =

preferably in the evening=2C I can=27t help thinking that Ernie Levy=2C d=
ead =

six million times=2C is still alive somewhere=2E I don=27t know where=2E=2E=
=2E  =

Yesterday=2C as I stood in the street trembling in despair=2C rooted to t=
he =

spot=2C a drop of pity fell from above upon my face=2E But there was no =

breeze in the air=2C no cloud in the sky=2E=2E=2EThere was only a presenc=

Andr=E9 Schwarz-Bart=2C The Last of the Just (1960)

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