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Re: Breathing the Dead

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Kathy Parulski  wrote:

>But, Richard for those of us who believe in the human soul....
>how blessed you were to be surrounded by those souls of
>peace as thousands left their bodies during those fateful minutes..

The "but" is unnecessary, Kathy. That is the spirit in which I wrote this
observation. I feel it is a blessing. And more than that, I was given a duty.
Since you are putting it in this framework, I will tell you about it.
Listmembers who are not interested in off-list topics can delete this now.

In my view, what follows is on topic, because I have long been an advocate of
viewing the individual as book art. In 1986 I was an instructor at what was then
called the Ox-Bow  Paper & Book Intensive, and taught Tango dancing. I was the
book.  The printed page could have some information about it, but the dance is
content that has to be transmitted person to person. This had a political
implication as well, because in the era of the neutron bomb, which kills life
and preserves property, I felt it was necessary as an artist to establish that
it is the life of the artist that is of value to the culture, more than the
artifact. By the way, Gary Frost won the tango contest. The prize was a bottle
of whiskey.

Back to Kathy's comments. I became aware of the spirits passing through me, and
they were not all souls of peace. Most were not prepared for death. Many of them
were confused and disoriented, and did not understand where they were. Those
spirits needed to be calmed and released to the path of light. In my spiritual
practice there is a procedure for doing this, that I learned from the Kahuna
Morrnah Simeona. To some this may sound like mumbo-jumbo. For me the Huna
involves a daily practice of Ho'oponopono, which involves introspection,
forgiveness, releasing and transmuting negative energy we have created (and/or
accumulated and accepted) into pure light, so we are set free and it is done.

I performed the ceremony, asking the Divine Creator to release the trapped
spirits from the places they left their bodies, or wherever they may have
wandered in confusion, and to show them the path of light. I included the
spirits of the terrorists, and asked the Divine Creator to choose their path.

When it becomes possible to go to the site of the catastrophe I plan to perform
the ceremony there, as well as a Mahiki, to cleanse the place of negative


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