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Re: Did CNN fake video of Arabs celebrating?

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> From: Paul T Werner <paul.werner@NYU.EDU>
> Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 05:56:55 -0400
> Subject: Re: FW: Did CNN fake video of Arabs celebrating?

> Sigh...I just went over Jules' links. The page in IndyNet claiming the
> CNN footage is fake appears to have been lifted without attribution
> from the private correspondence coming from my own source. Or (shudder)
> the reverse.

And? What about the denial from CNN? Meanwhile, where's the side-by-side
comparison of the footage to prove your source's point? Until you can show
us that, this is just 100% unsupported rumor or, very possibly,

> As for the story about the Palestinian authorities preventing
> journalists from covering further demonstrations of glee: hello? Is it
> usual for an article announcing that journalists are being hassled to
> be prominently featured, among other places, in the New York Times?

I've seen them there before. It's hardly unusual.

> Or isn't the point of that article, rather, to explain why *there is little or
> no footage of Palestinians rejoicing over the WoTCH (World Trade Center
> Horror)?* Ah, those wily Palestinians: first they stage a media event and then
> they bully the press into not covering the media event.

I don't really understand your point here. Yes, there's very little footage
-- because the Palestinians have suppressed the coverage. The Palestinians
didn't stage a media event. These were apparently spontaneous eruptions of
joy (very understandable, one would think). AP reported that it did not
release its footage because its cameraman's life was threatened. They also
reported that still equipment and film was confiscated. CNN explains that
its film was shot by Reuters.

> As for the Pepsi machine. Jules, you live in Mexico. How many ultra-
> modern soda machines do you find on the street, outside of Cancun? How
> many of those in a depressed economic area?

We don't have many Pepsi machines here, as the brand is not yet that well
established, but there are plenty of brand-new Coca-Cola and other soda
vending machines all over Cancun. We don't have any depressed economic areas
here. Everyone in Cancun is working. There are differing economic levels, of
course, but the majority of the families in Cancun own their own homes, or
the land on which they might be living in more-or-less traditional chozas
(stick and stone houses) which usually have tar or asbestos roofs rather
than palm thatch.

There are areas that are in early stages of development where people
(usually squatters) live in rather primitive conditions -- no water or
electricity -- but the city sends water to them in tanker trucks. These
areas do have stores and streets (unpaved).

This is not poverty in the usual third world sense. The settlements do
eventually get urbanized; almost all the stick and stone houses will be
replaced with the concrete bunkers that people here think are peachy keen.
It would not be at all unusual to find a brand-new soda machine out there,
not to speak of video-game arcades and parabolic antennas, maybe even an
Internet cafe (plenty of these in the urbanized areas).

> And finally, how many wily Palestinians are dumb enough to leave their
> brand-new Pepsi machine in the middle of a possibly violent demonstration?

You certainly have a way of getting things backwards. This wasn't a violent
demonstration. It was a joyous celebration. No one was going to attack the
soda machine. More likely they were going to buy sodas from it. So what
you're saying is that the footage was faked from beginning to end? I thought
it was old footage that was passed off as new. Which is it?

> Jules, if there's a retraction coming from me you'll be the first to
> know. Not yet.

Show us the side by side frames proving the fake.

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