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on getting back to work...

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I've reading everyone's posts about the events this week
and was struck by those who have tried to turn back to
their studio and their work as a way to respond. Bookbinding
and collage are the things I do to keep my sanity and
retain my creative edge. This week put that to the test.

It started when my father called me at ten to eight in the
morning on Tuesday and simply said, "you better turn on the
TV". I did.

I decided to go into work and see what was happening. The computer
company I work for during the day is located in the San Francisco
bay area. We have a major office in the WTC. While I don't know
anyone personally who was there, we watched internal websites all
day for reports on who had checked in. One engineer showed up for
work in our group and didn't even know what had happened until he
got to work. We setup a tv and sat him down on a couch. A co-worker
who is a native new yorker called me to let me know her family,
especially her brother who worked down there were all fine.
She herself had been in Manhattan near the WTC when the bomb
went off in 1993. Two co-workers had been scheduled to fly to
London via NY Tuesday morning. When they came into work, people

Later in the day we found out that all the employees in our
NY WTC offices had gotten out ok. Then we found out another
employee had been on Flight 11.

In the following days, there were prayer circles. There was the
huge semi of computer equipment that got packed up from anywhere
people could get it that is on its way to NY for our customers
and our employees. The NY employees were online and sending email
on Wednesday to everyone's relief. Sunday we sent out teams of
computer system admins to help anyone they could get their computers
and businesses back online. Its what we do and where we could help.

Through all this I have struggled to find a way to respond. I am
six months pregnant and there are limits to what I can do.

I sat in my studio today and realized that the baby book I was
going to start is still what I am going to do. Reaffirming life in
the face of death is a creative challenge and I am sure more then
one book will emerge. Its a place to start.

I hope that when this is over we can all compare what we came up
with during this strange time. I for one would really like to see
what this collective group comes up with.


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