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Book Arts and the WTC

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I feel silly writing this--I'm only one small voice among very many.

But I'm concerned and sorrowed by the attacks we've been making on each =
other through this list.

I think I understand the feelings on both sides of the issue of what does =
and doesn't belong on this list. Maybe because I am on both sides. (And =
maybe I am completely wrong. But...)

I am a book conservator.

I am a book artist.

I feel those are two different creatures, the one being more technical =
while the other is more creative.

The "Book Arts" covers both of those and, so, the BOOK_ARTS-L covers both =
of those (as well as many other related topics).

When I went to art school, one of my first art teachers said, "I assume =
you're here because you have something to say. Most artists want to do art =
because they feel they have something to say." I guess that was true for =
me. But without discussing life I had nothing to say.

When I learned conservation it was because I wanted to preserve what =
others had said. But that training was purely technical. It had little to =
do with discussing life.

When I get together with my conservation friends, we discuss technique.

When I get together with my art friends, we discuss life.

This list comprises both my conservation friends and my art friends. Thus, =
I believe there will be those who  want to discuss technique. And there =
will be those who feel it is essential to discuss life.

I want to discuss both. And discussing the recent tragedies has served to =
fuel my creative fire. I don't want to give that kind of fuel up. The =
artist side of me believes one of the purposes of this list is to fuel =
each others' fires and we can't do that without discussing life.

More than anything, though, I wish for peace on earth and peace on this =

Christopher McAfee

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