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WOID #VI-34. How to Listen

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I=27ve figured out the face New Yorkers wear - the one that looks as if =

we all have a migraine=2E It=27s Listening Fatigue=2E As usual=2C the med=
ia got =

it wrong this week=3A =22New Yorkers for once put down their guard and =

talked to each other=2C blah=2C blah=2E=22 New Yorkers are always talking=
 to =

each other=2C that=27s why they always have their guard up=3A it=27s =

exhausting=2E =

I was sitting on the stoop when a young woman walked by=2E She said =

hello=2C then she started to talk=2E =22They just don=27t know=2C=22 she =
kept =

saying=2E Then she added=2C =22 I saw people jumping from the World Trade=

Center=2E=2E=2E=22 I was listening so hard I forgot what she said next=2E=

A shopkeeper on my block=2C a Muslim=2C was harassed over the weekend=2E =
I =

told him he should tell the cops=2E He shook his head and said=3A =22Some=

people angry=2E I understand=2E Do you know how many killed=3F Do you kno=
w =

how many Muslims=3F=22 You have to make the connections yourself=2E

Here=27s a flyer I picked up=3A =22Are you unable to express your feeling=
s =

about this week=27s events=3F Then come to an open-mike evening at Caf=E9=

Blahblah=2E=2E=2E=22 Next up=3A Grief Karaoke=2E

What=27s the difference between a recession and a depression=3F A recessi=
on =

is a normal phase in the economic cycle=2E In a depression the =

development of new technologies has forced a catastrophic realignment =

of the systems of production and with them=2C of economic=2C social and =

cultural orientations=2E It=27s not hard to identify the cause this time=2C=

or the precipitating factors=3B it will be very hard to map=2E

It=27s a safe bet=2C though=2C that talking will never be the same=2E You=
 can =

tell=2C because the politicians are the last to get it=2E Talking to Liar=

Lopez=2C my councilwoman=2C is like playing a part in a Restoration drama=
=2E =

Watching TV is like standing behind a gilded chair in livery and a =

powdered wig=2C and grasping at bits and pieces of conversation=2E If I =

dare have a word with His Excellency=3F

On the chat-list=2C people are arguing - trivial things=2E Then someone =

chimes in=3A =22I don=27t think negative comments should be aired on this=

list=2E We should all stand united=2E=22 In the Midwest=2C I=27m told=2C =
people =

talk to one other=2E Yet I wonder=3A do they listen=3F Maybe the Migraine=

Face is a better response=3A =22Keep talking=2E Who knows=3F=22

Learn to listen=2E It=27s the trend of the future=2E =

And have a nice day=2E

Paul T Werner=2C New York

WOID=3A A journal of visual language

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