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Re: Book Arts

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

I just returned from a week-end show. I had no idea how things would go. We
had agreed to do a show so off we went. As things turned out, the public was
quite philosophical about things. I saw families out for the week-end
enjoying the weather and appreciating those of us who were making an effort
to share our experiences etc.

I found most wanted someplace to show their Red, White & Blue. There was
little discussion of the past week. No one wanted to rehash what they had
spent the past week seeing and reseeing on TV. The feeling of togetherness
was apparent from the opening bell on Saturday.

To spend the week-end hearing my fellow Americans talking this way was very
inspiring and emotional to say the least. I have now spent the past hour
looking over the past week-ends emails and find this mindless discussion
about whether CNN had faked a piece of film beyond words. We have many
problems in this country, but this is neither the time nor place for this
drivel. We have heard our leaders say "Either you are with us or You are
Against us - There is no in between". I suggest you make up your minds on
this issue early and make your choice known. If you are not supportive of
the government, it will be assumed you are the enemy.

I came to this List to learn and share information on Books and such. That
has worked for quite some time. I would like to suggest we get on with life
and get back to what we do best - Make Books.

prints by AJ
Austin Jones
Point Pleasant, WV USA

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