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What the hell are you doing?

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Betty  posted a private political communication from Charles to a
public forum and included the email addresses of his family and
friends. This data is now available to anyone in the world.

Charles had previously voiced strong disapproval of having political
propaganda on this public forum. One assumes that the publication of
his communication was not his choice.

Please respect each others' right to privacy.

And in this case I am in agreement with Charles. This political
propaganda is not appropriate to our list. There is nothing about it
that relates to our expression as book artists.

It is hard to fathom why anyone would do this. At this point in time
posting someone's family email addresses is akin to terrorism, and is
a real violation.

One other thing. I have received several private emails recently that
had the same mistake that Charles made on this one, and Charles, I
suggest you pay attention to this error:  The group mail was sent in
the "TO:" mode, so everyone got everyone else's email address. That
also happens in "CC:". What you have to do is send it as "BCC", and
that way nobody gets each others' address.

This is important for everyone's security. Viruses these days search
your emails and send themselves to every email address they find. Not
just the ones in your address book.

If anone on the "TO" list in one of these mails gets a virus tomorrow,
then everyone else on that list will get sent it.  I now update my
antivirus profiles every time I start the computer. New profiles are
issued by the antivirus software companies daily or even several times
a day.  Also, I delete any email in my mailbox that has multiple
addresses in the "to" line or "cc" just in case I get a virus, to
protect my friends.


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