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2003 CEC Call for Entries (Long)

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

The editors of the Calligraphers Engagement Calendar
have finished the call for entries for the 2003 Calendar.
A summary follows. John Neal

2003 CEC
Call for Entries

The theme is MUSIC.
   You may  select from a broad range of texts which relate, directly or
indirectly (i.e., metaphorically), to music or include musical terminology.
It is not necessary that the word music appear. Choose from such sources as
prose fiction, poetry, folklore, mythology, nursery rhymes, history,
biography, science, religion and other spiritual writings. If you choose song
lyrics, be sure that the words are about music, as specified above.
    Quotes by or about musicians or composers may be good choices. Other
reliable sources are The Bible, Bartletts Familiar Quotations, and The Oxford
Dictionary of Quotations.

FORMAT: The format is 7"x9" vertical with a maximum artwork area of
5"x6-1/2". Mount your artwork on 11"x14" bristol board or other lightweight
board (not illustration board or foam core) and position according to the
diagram, indicating crop marks as specified. Please request (can be sent via
mail or fax) a full size template or visit our website at
Please request a complete call for entries for details on copyright and
submitting artwork. The complete call for entries is also on our website at <
<A HREF="www.johnnealbooks.com">www.JohnNealBooks.com</A>> Artwork in color
CANNOT be accepted for jurying. No artwork sent for jurying will be returned.

DEADLINE: The deadline for receipt of artwork is January 19, 2002. A maximum
of four pieces per person may be submitted, out of which two may be selected.

JURYING: Artwork will be judged on the basis of calligraphy (letterforms and
spacing), page design and layout. Fifty-two pieces will be selected.

COMPENSATION: Each artist accepted for the calendar will receive a
complimentary copy of the Calligraphers Engagement Calendar and a substantial
discount off the retail price of the calendar.

NAME AND ADDRESS: Be sure to print your name, address and telephone number
(and e-mail address if you have one) on the BACK of each piece of artwork
submitted. Do not sign artwork.

PACKAGING: Cover your work with a tracing paper flap for protection. Wrap
artwork carefully, using heavy cardboard backing, and mail (First Class) to:
Carole Maurer - 2003 Calendar,
408 Minden Way,
Wynnewood, PA 19096 usa
   We cannot be responsible for artwork that arrives after the deadline or
for damage caused by the Post Office. If you are mailing artwork from
overseas, please be sure that the package is reinforced.

QUESTIONS: You can contact Carole Maurer via e-mail: <A HREF="clgrfr@aol.com">

COMPLETE CALL FOR ENTRIES:  A copy can be sent via email (Send your request to
<A HREF="john@johnnealbooks.com"> john@johnnealbooks.com</A>) A complete call
for entries can be found at:


(At the home page, click on the John Neal Bookseller logo, at the next page
click on "Calligraphers Engagement Calendar" in vertical bar at the left of
the screen. Info on the 2002 calendar will come on your screen. Click on
"Call for Entries".)
   You can also place an order for the 2002 Calligraphers Engagement Calendar
at the web site.

The complete call for entries can also be mailed.

The Calligraphers Engagement Calendar is edited by Carole Maurer and Eleanor

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