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Thanks and another question

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Hello Everyone,

First off let me thank everyone who responded to my question regarding
having books autographed versus a tipped in page, etc.

Last month I hauled about 50 books to the convention in Las Vegas.  I came
home with all but about 5 signed.  (And yes, I also bought 4 books there -
got 3 of them signed ;>)

Now for my question.  I've been doing some research and am interested in
protecting my books with archival book jackets.  I currently have about 400
books that I would like to protect thus.  They range in many different
sizes, although the majority probably fall into 3 or 4 sizes.  Example:
around 80 of them are 11.25 " tall and with the exception of a handful of
them measure 18" long (total length of book).

There are a mixture of hardcovers with and without dust jackets.  There are
also some soft cover books.

I would appreciate any advice regarding:

1.  Do I deal with the books with jackets differently from those without.
What about the soft cover books?

2.  Thoughts on lined versus unlined covers?

3.  Adjustable covers versus exact?

4.  Rolls versus sheets?  I currently don't have a decent quality cutter and
don't know if these types of projects warrent buying a decent one?

5.  Other tools that I would need?  Example - a bone folder???

6.  What thickness would you recommend?  1.5 mil, 2.0 mil, etc?

7.  If the dust jackets currently have tears, etc in them, should I consider
repairing them?  If so, recommendations on a source for good instructions on
how to do this?

8.  Any particular products and/or vendors that you would recommend (fair
price, good service and quality).  So far I've been looking at the
gaylord.com and the brodart site.

9.  Anything else that you feel would be helpful.


Mark Jensen

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