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Re: ink jet vs. laser

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> From: Barbara Harman <ArtSurvive@AOL.COM>
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> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 13:05:20 EDT
> Subject: Re: ink jet vs. laser

> Since toner is also what copiers use, I can say that I have had experiences
> where the toner does come off the paper. Several years ago, for my annual
> Christmas story, I used a parchment type paper that did not accept the copier
> toner very well. The text offset onto facing pages and in other ways rubbed
> off or offset onto other papers, the envelope, etc.

Laser printers are very picky about paper. You should only use stock that
has been certified by the manufacturer as adequate for laser printing.
Always test the paper first before running a job.  Parchment-type papers are
especially bad. I think they have dyes in them and probably some kind of
sizing to give the parchment effect. They are difficult to use even on

Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to try to use any form of coated or
textured paper in a laser printer. The coatings can flake or powder and ruin
the drum. The toner does not adhere to the irregular surface of textured
paper because the drum must contact the paper directly. Inkjets spray the
ink at the paper and so they work better. If you want to laser print on a
smooth paper similar to a coated paper, make sure it's calendared (pressed
between rollers) rather than coated.

Toners react very badly to solvents, thinners, cement and other chemicals.
Even the vapors can cause the toner to dissolve, creep and otherwise behave
in very annoying ways. I found this out in 1977, when I ruined a 192-page
8.5"x11" dummy that had been laboriously Xeroxed in page-imposition from
mechanicals set on an IBM Composer. I blithely tipped in color Xerox
photographs and illustrations by dry-mounting with rubber cement. I closed
the book and put it away. The following morning it was a complete mess and
had to be thrown out.

Properly printed laser copy is very durable, however. I have items that I
printed twelve years ago that look just fine, even though in some cases the
paper itself has yellowed or otherwise deteriorated.

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