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Re: ink jet vs. laser

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Hello List

I have been told that inkjet ink is a water based ink and therefore not
to be trusted as the ink can be caused to run or smudge quite easily.
Now I know that the solution is to never let anything wet or damp near
your books for any reason EVER.  However, what do you do for books such
as accordion books printed with colour images, or custom guest books
that you know are going to be handled a lot once they leave your care?
What is a proper course of action to avoid having a client come back to
you complaining of ink running or smudging just from the normal handling
of their book that you printed with an inkjet printer? After all the
work and care that goes into making the book it is tragic to think that
it could be so easily ruined. Is there a way to treat the inkjet printed
pages so that they will not run or smudge while keeping its archival
qualities in tact? Does a spray fixative work well for this purpose?
Then again, does one need only to worry about the permanence of the ink
in such a book, as opposed to maintaining archival quality with a book
that will be handled in such a way?

So far I have been printing originals on my Epson Stylus Colour 880 and
then getting the pages colour laser copied. Is this the best way to go
about it, or are there other options that I should consider? Doing
things this way does increase the cost, but I don't know how else to
ensure that the ink on the pages will stay intact through normal
handling of the book.

Any suggestions?



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