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Re: ink jet vs. laser

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As there are People, there are opinions.

I personally have never been pleased with the "print" from the electrostatic
process. The heating affects the paper as well as the toner. Fine paper was
never intended to be heated to this extent. Some Laser Printers use a much
higher temperature fuser than others. The different Manufacturers will tweak
their product for specific purposes. The higher the temperature, the more
toner you can put on the paper to get rich blacks. The minimal adjustments
available to the user makes for a "one size fits all" product which does not
meet the needs of many who are attempting to print to a variety of media.
Except as a copier, avoid the use of toner based products.

If letterpress printing can not be justified for printing work, I suggest
the best compromise is Ink Jet with a spray fixative. I print all my work
letterpress. On occasion when I want a display item or such, I print from
the computer and spray with a product called Deft. Most of the Art Spray
Fixatives are more expensive and more odorous. Deft comes in a variety of
finishes - gloss, semi gloss, and satin. This works as a sealer for the
image as well as the paper.

Works for me.

prints by AJ
Austin Jones
Point Pleasant, WV USA

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