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Inkjet with bullets, History repeats

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Yesterday I couldn't stop myself from looking at the empty place in
the sky. Even when walking north I kept looking over my shoulder at
where the towers used to be. I think it was the clear sky and the warm
sunlight-- it was the same weather 3 weeks ago.

Things kept slipping my mind. Dinner was at a friend's home uptown. I
got into a cab, told the driver the address, and realized when we got
there that my friend moved a month ago. I had been to his new home
several times. A few friends have reported similar incidents of
forgetting. Perhaps the brain is still rejecting what it witnessed
September 11, to enable me to function, and the neural net removes
other information along the way. Reality is a fragile construct at

Some people are so attached to their small view of reality that they
will do anything to hold on to it.

When I got back to my studio there was something about these events in
the back of my mind that had a connecton to WWII. For one thing, the
supremacists in the Islamic world have about as much to do with Islam
as the White Supremacists and Nazis in the Christian world have to do
with Christianity.

The significant issue is how to maintain a free and open society.
Infiltration did not start with Mohammed Atta and his gang. The Arian
Nation, Christian Identity, and the 800 American militias that sprung
up in the 90's have also dissipated into small "cells" of 5 or fewer
people. Remember Oklahoma City.

The Second Amendment in my first  "Bill of Rights" series is a group
of 7 books on the militia movement and gun culture, in a snakeskin
cabinet with a MAK-90 and a thousand rounds of ammunition. The
endpapers are inkjet prints of clip art icons of the people who are
targets of the militias, made into targets in Photoshop and printed on
Rives BFK on an Epson Stylus 1500. For some of the books I first cased
in the book and then shot the endpaper, so the bullet holes go through
the cover. The other books just have the bullet holes in the
endpapers, with red acrylic paint on the board under the endpaper.
Each of the bindings is in Nigerian goatskin, a hollow back case
binding with turned headcaps. On the cover of each are quotes from the
book, foil stamped in gold. Some of the books have the stamping crisp
and clear, and others have it distressed and almost unreadable.


is one of the books, by Richard Abanes, distributed by the Christian
Intervarsity Fellowship. The author (and publisher) wanted to
dissociate true Christian faith from groups like Christian Identity.
The quotes I chose for the front and back covers reflect this. It is
very similar in intent to the way Islamic leaders are now dissociating
themselves from the terrorists. If you go to the above page there is a
link at the bottom to the other books in that work.

Infiltration of our society is not a recent problem. In 1988 I did a
binding on Carroll Quigley's _Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World
in Our Time_. He named the German  industrial cartel members who
became naturalized American citizens in the 1930's. They sat on the
Boards of major American corporations and supplied Hitler with
materials needed for armaments. The collage under the kid skin, which
is translucent lampshade vellum, consists of American currency cut
into swastikas, placed on the world map.


What it doesn't say on the web page is that I got the fresh kid skin
from Pete Porcelli, who was the butcher on Elizabeth Street, and made
the vellum from it in my bathtub.

On one side the danger is infiltration, and on the other it's
McCarthyism. Along those lines I'm currently working on The Third
Amendment in The Bill of Rights edition: _Seven Days in May_ by
Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey.


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