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New Jersey Book Arts Symposium ('01)

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                             NEW JERSEY

                       INTERNATIONAL BOOK ARTS


The Seventh Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium will be held on November
2, 2001, at the John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers--Newark, Newark, NJ.
This year's theme will be book arts in various cultures. In addition to
the artists and scholars who will talk about their personal and historical
explorations of African, European and Latin American book culture, the
keynote speaker will be the internationally prominent printmaker, Eric
Desmazieres, whose suite of surrealistic prints to Jorge Luis Borges's
*Library of Babel* will be on display. We think Desmazieres a most
relevant choice, inasmuch as the historical Babel was an international
market, a center for a flourishing, pluralistic, community, and, as such,
a paradigm of today's public and academic libraries. Extending the
international theme, Gerard Charierre, a Swiss born artist, binder, and
book artist, now living in Berlin, has agreed to give a presentation.
Charierre, who taught at Princeton for 18 years, is among the five New
Jersey book artists who will show slides and discuss their work in the
morning session.

In addition to Charierre, NJ Book artists presenting at the first truly
post-millennial NJ Book Artists Symposium include Lynne Allen, the current
director of the Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper, whose art
as been influenced by her Native American ancestry; Rocco Scary, a maker
of artists' books, and a former student of Suellen Glashausser's. Scary is
among the few artists investigating the expressive potential of metal
plates and their relationship to book making. Rand Huebsch, a well-known
printmaker who has been associated for many years with the Manhattan
Graphic Center and the Newark Museum, will discuss his acclaimed diorama
books; and Ilse Schreiber-Noll, a German born artist, printer, and book
artist living in New Jersey, will discuss her one-of-a-kind artists'
books, and her close collaborations with important twentieth century
poets, such as Joseph Brodsky and Galway Kinnell. Schreiber-Noll will be
debuting a one-of-a-kind book based on the first of Rainer Maria Rilke's
Duino Elegies ("Who, if I cried aloud, would hear me among the Angelic

Although the Symposium has incorporated live music in the past, this year
we are especially honored to be able to present the world premiere of a
composition specifically commissioned for our us. Seung-Ah Lee, soprano,
and Will deVos, French horn, will perform Dary-John Mizelle's Duino Elegy
No. One--a musical companion piece to Ilse-Schreiber-Noll's one-of-a-kind
artist's book.

The afternoon speakers include Lourdes Vazquez, an accomplished poet and
Rutgers librarian, who will be speaking about the early history of The
Book in Latin America, and contemporary Latin American book arts; Dr.
Nancy Norton Tomasko, Assistant Editor of The East Asian Library Journal,
published at Princeton University, will be showing samples and speaking on
her recent discoveries and revelations about contemporary Chinese
papermaking; Pam Scheinman will be speaking about the Escultura Fotografia
of Oaxaca, Mexico, which she has studied extensively. She will be
accompanying her talk with a video taken in Oaxaca last summer; and Dr.
Robert Sewell, Associate University Librarian at Rutgers University, will
be presenting a bird's eye view of twelve centuries of printing in Japan.

Adding a nice accent to our international bouillabaisse, the French born
New Jersey book art maker, and master paper cutter, Beatrice Coron, will
begin the day with a workshop on "finger cutting" (ouch!). As usual, the
New Jersey Book Arts Symposium will allow an opportunity for attendees to
share their own work at our traditional Book Artists Jam, which falls at
the end of the day. The Jam will coincide with the opening of our group
show, which, this year, will feature the work of the five morning artists,
as well as Desmazieres and Coron.  We are grateful to have had Sharon Matt
Atkins as our guest curator this year. As well as being a graduate student
in Art History at Rutgers University, she is a friend to many of us.

Among several "firsts" we are pleased and excited about, The New Jersey
Book Arts Symposium takes particular pride in announcing that Marcia
Sandmeyer Wilson, a book artist and sculptor, has agreed to be our first
artist-in-residence-of-the-day. Ms Wilson, whom attendees of last year's
Symposium will remember for her remarkable improvisatory skills and
ironically self-deprecating aposeiopesis, will sketch likenesses of the
participants, and try to catch the spirit of the Symposium in charcoal and
pencils for us to scan & mount on the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium Web.

For more information, see our webpage promotional at
http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rulib/spcol/bookarts/symp7.htm, or
contact Michael S. Joseph (mjoseph@rci) or Lynn S. Mullins


Michael Joseph
     Rutgers University Libraries
      Special Collections and University Archives
        Archibald S. Alexander Library
         Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
          New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1163

                voice: 732-932-7006
                 email: mjoseph@rci.rutgers.edu


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