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Re: Art-O-Matic

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

>They re-furbish old cigarette machines and fill them with artwork (made to
>size and weight specifications supplied at the site) that sells for $3-5 per
>piece. The artist gets their artwork loaded into vending machines placed at
>museums and art centers around the eastern United States - and roughly half
>the selling price.

In that case it must have been someone different that put the art
vending machine in the Arnolfini. That's an art gallery and centre in
Bristol, England, with a reputation for the cutting edge and for
commissioning innovative pieces.

The machine has been there for some time now, although I've only
bought one piece from it. You can't tell what you're going to get,
and they come from a mixture of artists. They cost only a pound
each, which is $1.50. It's great opening your little box (smaller
than a cigarette box) and discovering the contents. Mine was a
ceramic fridge magnet, individually hand made. It was a cubist
picture, carved into the clay, painted and fired, along with an
enigmatic slip of paper with a message. The quality wasn't great,
but for that money what can you expect. The pleasure of discovery was
worth it, and if I passed the Arnolfini more often I could well get

It would definitely work well for miniature books, though one would
either have to create something very quick to bind or treat it as
a promotional tool, if one wanted any reward.

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