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Re: Fwd: a question

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>   This is a question from a person not on the list.  Can anyone help with this?

>I was wondering if you knew what "composing equipment" is.  The reason I
>ask is because of a job announcement I found, it is written below.
>Areas of special attention are: Working knowledge of the methods,
>materials and equipment used for composition layout, printing and bindery
>work; the abilities and limitations of a variety of word processing and
>graphics programs; printing
>terminology; the English language; spelling; grammar and punctuation.

>Ability to operate a variety of composing equipment to compose copy of a
>varied and difficult nature;

>utilize word processing, spreadsheet, or data-base software programs;
>proofread copy and detect errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
>write sufficient to document printing specifications; understand and
>follow complex oral and written instructions; and utilize a local area
>network (LAN).

Way back when, a compositor was a typesetter. The man (usually) who ran a
Linotype was called a compositor. Composing a form also meant assembling the
metal and wooden type and space material into the final layout and locking the
form up in a metal chase.

Later, the notion of composing type was transferred to the phototypesetting
systems, and a Compugraphic operator was thought of as a compositor.

Nowadays in the DTP world, I am not sure exactly how it is being used; but
judging from the job description, I think it means doing electronic layout and,
probably, some keying of text. However, the job description sounds like it was
written a couple of decades ago and never reviewed and updated anytime since the
Reagan administration!

Michael Brady
jbrady@email.unc.edu   http://www.unc.edu/~jbrady/index.html

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