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Re: Japanese Stab Binding

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Sean and others,

I cheat and use a hand held electric drill with a 1/16th inch bit.  It
takes a little practice to get it the hole straight up and down, but it's
not a big deal.  I also sandwich the text block between two pieces of scrap
20 pt board and rubberbands to keep it all tight when I drill.  The holes
come out just big enough to handle the multiple threads going through them.
If you do a fancier sewing, such as tortoise-shell, you may have to use
pliers to pull the thread through the last time or two.

Alan Van Dyke
Austin, TX

>I'm rather new to the Book Arts and have found this list
>to be a wonderful resource. To that end, I'd like to ask
>a question. What is the preferred method for Japanese
>stab binding. I realize that's an ambiguous question, but
>I'm being vague in order to solicit the maximum amount
>of advice. ;-) I have a couple books (Ikegami, Keith White)
>that have served me well in the rudimentaries, but I'm
>sure there's some tips I'm missing. Like:
>    What's the best tool to punch the holes with? I've
>    run across a tool called a Japanese Punch that
>    looked more specialized for this sort of thing,
>    but at $70US I was loathe to try it. After having
>    an awl snap in my hand, however, I'm thinking that
>    maybe that $70 would be well-spent.
>Anything you fine people can tell me will be appreciated.
>Sean Evans

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