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Launching a "Galaxy of Knowledge"

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From:   Smithsonian Institution Libraries
                       Nancy E. Gwinn, Director
                               Tom Garnett, Assistant Director, Systems =
                Savannah Schroll, Public Information Officer

Subject:        Launching a "Galaxy of Knowledge"

Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) officially launches a new =
public-oriented version of its Website, titled "Galaxy of Knowledge," on =
Wednesday, October 17, 2001. "Galaxy" replaces SIL's former Homepage, but =
resides at the familiar address, www.sil.si.edu. The new Website serves as =
a virtual portal to the Libraries' extensive collections and resources and =
features a variety of new material, including online exhibitions, 'digital =
editions', and many staff-composed bibliographies.  The site also offers =
greater ease in the navigation of previously existing online tools and =
information, and is divided into four quadrants of SIL content:
=B7     American Discovery
=B7     Mosaic of Science
=B7     Art and Design
=B7     Industry and Technology

In addition to the new "Galaxy of Knowledge" home page, a new SIL research =
page has been launched. It is less graphics-intensive and is organized to =
provide the most direct access to SIL's web services and content.  We will =
be arranging for this page to be the default page for public pcs in all =
SIL branches.  This page can be found at www.sil.si.edu/research.=20

We offer these two pages, the "Galaxy" site and the SIL Research Page, =
because our outreach goal is two-fold. We would like to serve the needs of =
the scholarly community while simultaneously opening our virtual doors to =
the general public so that they, too, can experience SIL's rich and =
multifaceted collections.  The metaphor "Galaxy of Knowledge" communicates =
the character of the new SIL site: it is a place for discovery and =
exploration, a sizeable microcosm within the universe of the World Wide =
Web that contains a constellation of information, resources, and educationa=
l material.  It is also a destination, a place to showcase staff efforts, =
as they are made available in the form of online exhibitions, bibliographie=
s, indices, and digital editions.  Our virtual outpost will be accessible =
24 hours a day by an international audience.

"Galaxy" will continue to grow and expand, reflecting the interests and =
specialties of both SIL staff and the scholarly community that the SIL =
branches serve. We therefore welcome comments and suggestions about the =
site, particularly what improvements can be made to increase its efficiency=
. Please email any comments to Martin Kalfatovic (Kalfatovicm@sil.si.edu). =
Enjoy the virtual journey!

Savannah R. Schroll
Smithsonian Institution Libraries
NHB 24mz   MRC 154
Washington, D.C. 20560-0154
Tel: (202) 357-1522
Fax: (202) 786-2866
Email: schrolls@sil.si.edu

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