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CBA: Monthly Featured Artist Exhibition

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

The Center for Book Arts Gallery
28 West 27th Street, 3rd floor
NY, NY 10001
ph.: 212-481-0295
Monthly Featured Artist Exhibition:
Dobbin Books Collaborations in South Africa
Oct. 15 - Nov. 14, 2001

The present Featured Artist Exhibition at the Center for Book Arts Gallery,=20
NYC offers an opportunity to view a range of work coming out of one Brooklyn=
studio.  Book & paper artist Robbin Ami Silverberg has chosen to focus on he=
collaborative work created in South Africa, on three separate occasions, in=20
1995, 1997 & 2001.  Her first trip involved a lecture tour on the subject of=
artist books that took place in conjunction with the First  International Ar=
Biennale in Johannesburg.  She was subsequently invited back to teach artist=
books for the Print Department at the Johannesburg Technikon, along with=20
advising on and developing a Papermaking Unit.  The papermaking branched out=
to encompass a Poverty Relief Project that has established cottage industrie=
in hand papermaking at 16 sites around South Africa that employ over 250=20
workers. Concurrent to these projects, Silverberg worked on artist book=20
collaborations, three of which are on display at the Center Gallery.

Silverberg's artist books explore a wide range of themes and styles,=20
particularly when collaborating with others.  What is consistent to all her=20
work is an obsessive need to fully articulate those ideas in every aspect of=
the book.  The structure & design, the methods of production, the choice of=20
materials and finally, the process of reading & viewing - are all essential=20
aspects of the final work.

"Vloekboek" focuses on Afrikaans and its obscure richness.  The choices of=20
materials used were specific to enhance the use of word puns while examining=
a range of swear words: the paper was made of bedsheets; the binding she=20
designed uses black zippers; and a South African match-box is included to=20
offer the reader further options of =E2=80=98dangerous=E2=80=99 play.

Most of Dobbin Books are interactive in structure, such that the process of=20
reading is an essential element of the work.  In "Emandulo Re-Creation",=20
Silverberg orchestrated a collaboration of 22 artists in South Africa to=20
produce a double flip book of sectioned body images.  The original prints=20
depict each artist=E2=80=99s personal creation myth and, when mixed and matc=
suggest the hoped-for =E2=80=98melting pot society=E2=80=99 for this Post-Ap=
artheid nation.

Silverberg's books are crafted but the technique, along with the form &=20
structure, empowers the meaning and content.  In "Dihangara" (Hanger in Zulu=
 each of the 15 artists is represented by a sheathed hanger which hangs from=
a copper rod in a trunk-like case.  The choice of the cheap wire hanger as=20
structure for the =E2=80=98pages=E2=80=99 highlights the transitional nature=
 of the 'world=20
of appearances' - a central concept in the work.  The use of linocut text &=20
image along with pulp-painted papers further enhances the unusual=20
presentation of this art collaboration.

Dobbin Mill/Dobbin Books is a hand papermaking mill/artist book studio in=20
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, established in 1989 by book and paper artist Robbin Am=
Silverberg.  Its facilities are comprised of a large papermaking studio, a=20
fully equipped a book bindery, a printmaking area, a bxw darkroom and a 4600=
square foot courtyard available for large scale outdoor work.

Dobbin Books is the artist book studio added to the Mill in 1991 under the=20
aegis of book and paper artist Robbin Ami Silverberg with sculptor Louise=20
McCagg and Hungarian artist Andr=C3=A1s B=C3=B6r=C3=B6cz.  Its goal is to pr=
collaborative book projects with artists and writers and to promote book art=
through exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

For more information on Dobbin Mill/ Dobbin Books, please contact Robbin Ami=
Silverberg, 718-388-9631 or DobbinMill@aol.com

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