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Robert Bringhurst lecture @ SFPL to close Zapfest

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

For the past two months Zapfest has been enlightening the people of
San Francisco about digital type design and its connection with
calligraphy. The exhibition entitle Calligraphic Type Design in the
Digital Age will close this weekend, and Robert Bringhurst will be
the last speaker in our lecture series. His lecture will be at 2:00
p.m. in the Koret Auditorium, in the lower level of
the San Francisco Public Library. See our website for parking and directions:
We will have a reception afterwards in the Skylight Gallery, a good
opportunity for you to talk to Robert. Also, this may be the final chance
for many of you to look at the Exhibition, which will be coming down next


Much 20th century energy went into non-narrative forms. Abstract painting is
one form; calligraphy and type design are others. Much energy also went into
the rediscovery of pattern--something quintessential to minimalist music and
to type design alike. And much went into rediscovering and elevating the
crafts, dissolving the temporary boundary between fine and practical art. On
the other hand, the great race to commodify, monetize, and advertise
everything whatsoever built up new barriers between the fine and practical
arts on the one side and commercial art on the other. The place of the
scribe was higher in the 20th century than at any time since the 15th, but
different in many ways--some exciting, some unnerving.

Robert Bringhurst is a poet and typographic historian living in Vancouver.
His book The Elements of Typographic Style is widely used as a textbook and
serves as a standard reference in the field. He is also the author, with
Warren Chappell, of the newly revised and updated Short History of the
Printed Word.

Robert uses his poet's voice to express and explain both the finer points
and the big picture of typography. His printed words have had a way of
helping many of us feel high and happy and curious about our calling to the
art & craft of making letterforms. I look forward to hearing what he has to
say about the unnerving and exciting place of the scribe in the our time,
and I look forward to closing the exhibition with all of you -- please come.

A note about the last lecture:
Thanks to all who attended! Cynthia Hollandsworth had a small but intensely
focused & interested audience, and there were more questions and discourse
afterwards than at any of the other lectures.

A note about the website:
Mea culpa to everyone who has been asking about the photos! We've hit the
wall with finding volunteer time to update this area of the website, and
we'll get those photos up as soon as we can. The website will be up through
the end of this year.

A note about the exhibition catalogue:
The Frankfurt Bookfair is over, our German printer and binder are hard at
work, and we should be seeing printed books in the U.S. by late November or
early December. I'll send out another email to let you know when it is
finally on the shelves in bookstores.

And here is information about another wonderful upcoming book from a new
publishing company:
The first detailed review of the work of Gudrun Zapf von Hesse is about to
become available. As a lettering artist, type designer, and bookbinder, she
has been developing her craft for the last 50 years. The book will be the
first work from a newly formed publishing company dedicated to exploring all
aspects of visual communication--Mark Batty, Publisher.
Profusely illustrated, 224 pages in color, the Gudrun Zapf von Hesse book
will be released at the turn of the year, 2001/2002. For more information
about the book and where to get it please send a message to

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