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Re: Flag book delimma

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The trick is to put images on one side and text on the other. When the book
is opened fully, the image is seen (as in Susan King's "Women and Cars").
When paged through, the text reveals itself on the other side of the flags.
In a three-level flag book, the center flag, for example, would carry the
title, which can be seen as soon as the cover of the book is opened. The
upper and lower flags are images. when the page is turned and the reverse
side of the flags is seen, the verso shows text on upper and lower flags and
image in the middle; the recto is the opposite of this. While none of the
text can be read "as one" it is fun to play with arrangements of text, adding
some mystery and suspense to the experience. It is one of the more successful
ways, in my opinion, of combining text and imagery so that neither dominates
the other, parts of both can be experienced simultanteously, and there is a
sense of an organic whole. I have used this structure for the Winter book in
my series "Sanctuary: Seasons." The fracturing of text and imagery is perfect
for slowing the reader/viewer down and making him/her think about what is
being experienced. It also presents an interesting set of problems for the
book artist, in that you must make decisions about imagery and text based on
what can be revealed at any one time. Though I haven't done this, the back of
the accordion (come to that, the front, as well) could be used for either
imagery, text, or both at the same time. Another set of challenges! Hmmmm!
Barbara Harman

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