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Re: Flag book delimma

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I designed this little 'flag book surprise' for my class.  The book is a =
three-flag column with three pages (9 flags altogether).

 In its construction I made the top and bottom flags open to the left =
and the centre flags open to the right. I used the same colour or design =
for the top and bottom  flags and had a contrasting colour or design for =
the middle row. The text is placed on the outer edges of each flag so it =
can be read when fully opened.

It is confusing when it can't be viewed however I will try to explain. =
Please have a go at making it as the class was most pleased with it.
When reading the flag book as a normal book the text is placed like so:
1st Page:
1st flag (top)          Leaving her
2nd flag (middle)    tree
3rd flag (bottom)    the

2nd page
1st flag (top)          gentle
2nd flag (middle)    spirit
3rd flag (bottom)     enters

3rd page
1st flag (top)            tiny
2nd flag (middle)       flowers
3rd flag (bottom)        in search
                                of a name

The above has to be in strict order.

On the back of the each flag place one name on the outer edge (these can =
be in any order.

Petalgold, Marshmallow, Sunspirit, Dewpearl, Heavenlyplum, Fernlace,  =
Wattlepuff, Moonpepper.

As you read the flag book as a 'normal' book the text facing you will =
tell the story of the spirit whilst the flower names are on the opposite =
page (which does not interfere with the story) and when you open the =
book fully as a 'flag book' the centre text only can be seen and will =
read 'Tree spirit flowers' and the other flags show the flowernames. The =
trick to the story is to have the centre text read to coincide with all =
the flags. Hope this makes sense, please try it and let me know what you =
think. I have made three other stories so far.


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