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inexpensive papers

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In response to Artemis request  for inexpensive decorated papers -
machine-printed marbled patterns or patterned papers. There is a company
called Loose Ends that sell a large assortment of what they call "project
papers" in a very large assortment of patterns and styles and materials. They
even sell reasonably inexpensive handmade papers and Japanese "Yuzen Kimono
papers". The latter ones are seconds - but the errors are minor and they are
quite beautiful They are  wholesalers, so you need to buy more than a single
sheet - for example for the "Yuzen" papers you must buy six, but they can be
all assorted patterns.
They are located in    OR , phone# 503 390 7457  Fax - 503 390 4724

Regarding making inexpensive books - There is so much paper that runs through
our everyday lives that can be utilized in the making of books - ask a local
supermarket to donate a spool of their cash register receipt paper, discarded
and used greeting cards, any paper receipts from restaurants, stores or
cleaners that can be folded in reverse and sewn as stab bindings. You can
call any commercial paper company and ask if they would donate any paper -
they are usually very generous, advertising mailers athat can be used as
background designs for a text block and kids can superimpose their own text
on them, They are also great for one page books formats.

Hope this helps,

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