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Re: Cuban Book Artists

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Dear Jeanne,

I am sending off to you today, as I have in the past, the ISCA Quarterly June
(01) issue Box of Artists books, as well as the Fall issue of bound
xerographic prints for Vigia. My husband and I would be very interested in
going to Cuba and in visiting the Vigia people, but don;t know quite how to
get a  visa. We are told we should join a group, and I wonder if we could
somehow attach ourselves to the conservators group. I am a book artist
myself, as well as Director of the Society, and have exchanged work with the
people at Vigia. Also, one of our contributing artists, Anne Gilman, is
having an exhibition of her work at the Center for Book Arts in Havana in
January. Vigia produced an edition of one of her books last year. I have
been interested in the work they are doing for some time, and would really
like to visit them. Anne says that Matanzas is about two hours from Havana,
and not so easy to get to. Perhaps your people could tell us something about
places to stay and ways to get around  in or close to Matanzas. I will E-mail
to Letitia at Vigia ,who knows or knows someone who speaks some English ,and
see if they can make some suggestions. My husband speaks some Spanish.

In any case, the ISCA Quarterlies are on the way and I hope you may be able
to make some suggestions about the Cuba trip.

Louise Neaderland

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