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Re: So CALled Books online preview

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Camellia wrote:

>by the by, are you going to arrange it so people can
>go from large image to large image without returning
>to the catalog?
Navigation in online exhibitions is always a challenge. This one uses
two windows, one with the "catalog" and one for the big pix. If you
don't have them both full screen it's easy to click between them. They
are set so that (in Netscape & msie [Internet Explorer] v. 3 and
later) they come to the front when you click the link from the other
screen, which helps if you are viewing full screen. Both are actually
up at the same time, and since the catalog page is already loaded, it
should switch more or less instantly.

You can also simply close the page of the big picture to reveal the
catalog, and when you click on a new thumbnail image the big pic will
load in a new window.

I tried an alternative using javascript to change place the big image
at the top of the catalog page, so it all happened in one window. It
works fine in msie, but not in Netscape below v.6.

An alternative I used for the "Book Arts in the USA" show is to have a
small popup window with just the names of the artists for navigation,
but in the current exhibit I felt the user needs to have the
thumbnails. You can see the "usa" show at


click on the catalog cover and when you get to the first artist page,
click on "index of artists" (or click on "Les art du livre aux etats
unis at the top of the page for the French version).

Another way I've done it is to copy the entire catalog of thumbnails
onto each artist page, but in this case I felt there were too many. An
example of this alternative is the John DePol exhibit at



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