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Red Wagon Press / Royal River Pottery Show

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Hello Book Arts List:<br>
Here's an initial general announcement about an upcoming book/clay event
at the home of Red Wagon Press. Should you happen to be in the vicinity
of the 27th Parallel of the US Atlantic coast (i.e. West Palm Beach,
Florida) for the first weekend of December, we'd love to have you come
by. There will be a second announcement as the weekend approaches.<br>
John Cutrone of Red Wagon Press and Seth Thompson of Royal River Pottery
announce their First Ever Home Show and Sale, at the home of the press:
1301 North O Street in Downtown Lake Worth, Florida. The event celebrates
the opening of the new Red Wagon workshop and the publication of the
press' newest book, a short regional piece called &quot;Putting Up
Mangoes,&quot; a humorous tale of overwhelming subtropical abundance.
All of the work you'll see is handwork. Each Red Wagon Press book is
printed and bound by hand, in the traditional manner, not much
differently than the way Mr. Gutenberg did things five centuries ago, and
Seth Thompson's pottery is traditional, graceful high-fire functional
stoneware, thrown on the wheel and formed by hand. You are invited to try
your hand at letterpress printing and partake of some wonderful
refreshments while you consider the handmade books, broadsides and
pottery available on display. Checks and credit cards are accepted. Your
purchase earns you the title Patron of the Arts, and the gratitude of all
involved for your support.<br>
The Home Show and Sale takes place the first weekend of December: Friday
evening (Nov 30) from 6pm til 9pm; Saturday (Dec 1) from 10am til 6pm,
and Sunday afternoon (Dec 2) from 1pm til 6pm. The press is located at
the corner of 13th Avenue North and North O Street, just east of Federal
Highway, in John and Seth's old woodframe home. That's about 3 miles east
of I-95 (exit 10th Avenue North), about 12 miles east of Florida's
Turnpike (exit Lake Worth Road), and just a few blocks east of US-1, in
view of the Lake Worth Lagoon. Details will soon be posted at our
website, or give a call at (561) 493-3190. John says, &quot;Do
John Cutrone<br>
Red Wagon Press<br>
<a href="http://www.redwagonpress.com/" eudora="autourl">http://www.redwagonpress.com</a><br>

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