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Re: Kutrimmer Slips

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Dear Laura

There is a side bar knife (not sure if that's what it is called) on a
Kutrimmer that is often ignored. The instructions tell you nothing about this.
This has a number of screws that can be loosened so that the bar can be raised
or lowered.

In ensure that it stays at the relative height of the cutting board itself you
need to slip some spacers directly underneath it (it sits on a sort of shelf),
and when it is level, tighten the screws. I use lead spacing material, 10 or
12 point, whatever it is that matches the width of the bar. Since these are
available in various thicknesses they can help facilitate this. This may help somewhat.

It provides a bit of support to the material to be cut, and therefore,
possibly needed friction (?). If you are also cutting sheet steel, say
photopolymer plates, it also prevents the fly-away cut piece from bending. For
some reason, I've yet to see a side bar on a Kutrimmer that was actually set right.

Only other thing I can think of is some handle or clamp adjustment but I'm
sure you've thoroughly checked that out.


Hi All,

I hope you can stand one more Kutrimmer question. I haven't seen this
one before and I could really use some ideas.

When cutting .98 or .74 binders board pieces at are smaller than say  4
or 5 inches wide, the board tends to slip during cutting resulting in
off-square cuts. A recent 1" wide board was off by almost 3 mm top to
bottom.  Happens whether I'm using the front gauge or the back gauge.

I am trying to put as much weight on the clamp as possible to hold it in
place. I have also tried to cut the board twice--once about 1/4" from my
final cut. Still no better.

Any ideas?



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