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Re: Repair Job

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>Yesterday a client came into the shop with a late 19th c book of maps
>that had been badly rebound, looking to have me put new covers on it.
>I refused because the pages had been rehinged with cloth tape and
>clunkily resewn. The hinges wouldn't have been such a bad idea, except
>the grain of the paper is wrong.
>I had the digital camera handy and put some pix of the problems at
>The pages don't open flat and are heavily cockled near the spine. I
>suggested they have the entire book unhinged and rehinged with a
>strong Japanese-style paper, perhaps with the grain of the hinge paper
>parallel to the grain of the pages (!?). I'm wondering if anyone has
>experience with this situation and has tried such a solution, or has a
>better idea.
>My shop is not set up for "wet-work." I would be willing to
>subcontract the rehingeing, or for that matter, pass the whole job on
>to someone who is set up for this (if the price is acceptable to the
>client). My suggestion on the binding is to resew the book on tapes,
>lift the blind & gold stamped cloth off the original boards and place
>them as an onlay on a new cloth case, and case the book in with cloth
>hinges. Details about the spine (plain, tooled, perhaps a
>leather-grained cloth as in the original) still have to be worked out
>with the client.
>The client may also still prefer to have the book recased as is (to
>save $$), which I would not do, but someone else might be willing to
>do.  If you have any interest in taking on this job, either just the
>page work, the whole thing, or to recase it as is, please email me
>off-list. If you have experience with this sort of problem, posting
>suggestions about how to proceed would probably be of interest to the
>list and useful to have in the list archive.
>The client is in New York City, but I expect the book could be shipped
>anywhere in North America.
> Richard
> http://minsky.com

Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Lab.
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Portland, Oregon  97217

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