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Re: Work table

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A few years ago when the library here did a large renovation I got a custom
built bench.  I do most of my work standing, so I requested a 39'' (just
under 99cm) work surface ( I am just under 5'8" tall).  I have three
drawers, a narrow top drawer for small tools, a medium size middle one, and
a deep one for bottles and such on the bottom.   I have a built in shelf
underneath with a slidding panel door.  There is a built in power strip,
which I can connect to two floor outlets.  The bench is on locking castors,
and has a folding panel which can be swung up and locked in place to expand
the work surface if I have a large piece to work on.  The surface is an
ordinary vinyl laminate of some kind, which cleans pretty easily.  I have a
large self-healing mat which I usually work on most of the time.  The
drawers are built on slides so they pull ALL the way out.  I have been very
happy with the bench.  I have a stool and an adjustable height chair which I
use when I am sitting to sew or do extensive paper repair.  This bench has
been a joy to work on and I have never regretted the choices.   If I did a
lot of finishing, tooling and the like, the work surface would probably be
too high, but for the kind of work I do it is fine.
 Best of luck to you, Kevin, and take your time.  A good design will save
you a lot of future trouble.
  Dorothy Africa

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