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Minsky in Bed Update

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Thanks to the many Minsky in Bed fans on this list, my weblog showed a
record number of 5,245 page views last week-- the first week with over
5000 pages viewed. Thanks to those who called my attention to the
atrocious quality of a few of the older scans. I've rescanned
everything there at higher resolution (about 200-250k files) and
posted them along with two more chapters. There are still seven
chapters to be scanned. Next week I plan to put "First Date" and
"First Kiss" up.

The newly posted chapters are:

"Mary Jo":  http://minsky.com/maryjol1.htm
"Tango": http://minsky.com/tango-1.htm

The first page of "Tango" is the only page scanned with full margins.
If you want to get a feel for how the pages really look, this is the
one to view. The paper is bigger than my scanner, so I did this one by
scanning the top & bottom separately and putting them back together in
Photoshop. The image size is constant at 700 pixels, so the wide
margins made the text a little smaller on this page. If you want to
see what the print quality really looks like, there is a 1000 pixel
wide image of just the top half of this page at
that makes it like looking at the page thru a strong magnifying glass.

There is also new navigation-- a text link to the next page is at the
bottom of each page, and only the first page of each chapter is in a
thumbnail image below that. You may notice that the thumbnails are all
sharper as well, because they were made from the new scans.

Unfortunately for the scans, the only copy I have of "Jill" is on
Richard de Bas paper, which looks great in real life, but the scan
picks up too much of the paper texture, making it hard to read.  The
other chapters are on Minsky paper, which scans much better.


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