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Re: Work table

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>>What are the quilters mats made of? And what do they cost per size? I'd be
interested in those.<<

The quilters mats are a kind of white, translucent plastic. The ones I use
are made by Dritz. I've tried the dark gray ones but don't like them--they
are thinners and not as easy to see the lines--at least for my eyes. I would
not call these mats self healing mats like the art cutting mats. Cutting
lines do eventually make themselves known and interfer with proper cutting
thus the changing about three times a year (on closer look at my records it's
more like 3 changes in 16-18 months, depending on use). They do tend to wear
out faster at certain edges where I work most often. I turn the mat to try
and use most of the surface. You cannot turn it over as the back has a
different pebbled surface and no lines. When it comes time to change I take
the old one and cut out the remaining good portions--usually in the middle of
the mat, and use the remaining pieces for students when I travel to teach a
class or at other smaller stations in my studio. These large mats retail for
about $30 but at wholesale I get then for $15. So it cost me about $45 a year
to 18 months  to keep my table top in good shape.

Patty Grass

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