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Re: Work Table and cutting mats

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The question of height on a work table is dependant on the height of the
user.  I like being able to stand or sit to do my work, so have a table that
is high, and then a really good adjustable chair with castors for sitting at
the high table.  (Mine was expensive, but the adjustments are easy and they
hold; there is a 'ring' support for my feet; the seat and back are well
padded; and I save my back!) To determine height of your work top, measure
from the floor to the height of your elbow.  You should be able to stand at
your work table with your forearm resting comfortably on it.  (i.e. your arm
is at a right angle.)  I worked at LL. Bean where ergonomics are taken very
seriously to avoid injuries . . .

I have a white board top that is very inexpensive (about $8) that you can
buy at hardware stores.  I think it is used to line cheap shower stalls.  It
is easy to clean, but somewhat flexible, so needs to be supported by plywood
underneath.  I have an extra top that I set up on a card table when I want
to be messy and/or want to work outside.  I have found folding bookshelves
(Pottery Barn - Holds Everything catalog) that are exactly the right height
for my standing height, and I use two to hold up the working surface. The
shelves can store all sorts of things in easy reach as they are without
solid backs and can be reached from either side.

I too use quilters's tools.  JoAnn's fabric store is also where I purchase
them: all sizes of green cutting mats with easy on the eyes yellow lines; a
rotary cutter, and the clear plastic rulers in several sizes.  The two I use
most are the 12" x 12" which I have to special order and the 6" by 24".  I
do need to replace them from time to time as I nick the corners if I'm not
careful.  The tools take some getting used to -- but are great!

My keys to a good work table are the correct standing height, tool
accessibility, a large clear surface for working, and the best chair you can

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