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2001 Holiday Lecture

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For Immediate Release                                   Media Contact: Suellen Bilow
November 24, 2001                                                               (415) 557-4282

                Paul Elder and the Arts & Crafts Book in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO-For nearly fifty years, Paul Elder ran the most significant
bookstore in San Francisco. For twenty of those years (1898-1917), at the
height of the American Arts & Crafts movement, he was also a publisher and
printer. In his unique bookshop, Elder skillfully combined his books with
paintings, pottery, metalwork and Bernard Maybeck's architecture to create
the consummate Arts & Crafts experience. Upstairs, his Tomoy=E9 Press, run b=
printer John Henry Nash, worked to make the concept of "the book beautiful"
a reality. Their success would launch Nash's career, and pave the way for
San Francisco's fine presses of the 1920s and 1930s.

On Tuesday, December 11, 2001, David Mostardi will present a slide lecture
on the publications of Paul Elder. The lecture will start at 6:30 p.m. in
the Latino-Hispanic Community Meeting Room, LH58B, on the lower level of
the Main Library. David is a private researcher whose "Checklist of the
Publications of Paul Elder" was published by the Arts & Crafts Press in
1999. His bibliography of Paul Elder is in preparation. By day, David is a
systems administrator for a biotech software company; he also plays
folkdance accordion. David and his wife live in Berkeley.

This public lecture is sponsored by the Marjorie G. and Carl W. Stern Book
Arts and Special Collections Center, San Francisco Public Library, 100
Larkin Street, Civic Center and is open to the public. All events at the
Library are free. For our hours or other information, please call


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