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Peace and Memory postcard

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Dear list,
All of us have been changed by the events of 9-11-01. As individuals we all
struggle to cope and make sense from things that are so horrible that words
cannot express them.Our lives and our children's' lives are forever
intertwined and colored by this horrendous act.  As artists, we attempt to
somehow express ourselves through our work. I have been thinking about an art
endeavor to help heal and express some of the collective emotions on the
aftermath of 9-11-01.
I was thinking of an exchange of people reaching people across all
boundaries, nationalities, religions, etc. Each individual would make up a
postcard with the theme of "Peace and Memory." Using a bought or unique
designed postcard, send a message -  written, visual or both, that conforms
to a postcard size. The idea is to share this idea with anyone you know in
the states and abroad and have them send their message to a central location
in your community. These could form a commemorative one year anniversary
exhibit on 9-11-2002.  This idea could be shared especially with schools -
all grades - where the students would all be given a blank postcard and each
school could have an exhibit, in their halls with the  students' messages.
The students could be encouraged to send a card to a pen pal and exchange
cards or use each a side to express their thoughts and feelings.
I am just passing this idea along.

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