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Smithsonian Libraries offers American Indian material on Web

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

    The Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) announces a new digital =
edition of John C. Ewers' "The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture."  This =
classic study examines how the introduction of the horse transformed =
Plains Indian cultures, affecting aspects of life ranging from the hunting =
methods to social relationships.  The monograph is reproduced on the SIL =
Web site in its entirety, including the original photographs that =
accompanied the text and complete digitally replicated pages. It is =
accompanied by an introduction written by Candace S. Greene, Department of =
Anthropology, situating Ewer's work in its historical context and =
describing his considerable contributions to Plains Indian studies in this =
volume.  The article can be found at:  http://www.sil.si.edu/DigitalCollect=
ions/BAE/Bulletin159/  .  This latest digital edition is drawn from the =
publication series originally issued in print form by the Smithsonian's =
Bureau of American Ethnology (BAE). SIL launched the first of these =
bulletins in digital form in 1996 with an anthropological paper from =
Bulletin number 164, titled "Hair Pipes in Plains Indians Adornment," also =
by John C. Ewers. Subsequent publications will be released at regular =
intervals. SIL's digital editions of these scarce and out-of-print BAE =
reports provide international access for both the public and the scholarly =
community to authoritative information about Native American languages, =
cultures, and history.

     To access Smithsonian Libraries' complete list of digital editions, =
please visit: http://www.sil.si.edu/DigitalCollections  A host of other =
rare books and valuable studies are available for viewing, including, =
among many others, Fran=E7ois Nicolas Martinet's Ornithologie  from =
1773-1792 and Tycho Brahe's Astronomi=E6 instaurat=E6 mechanica  from =
1602.  All digital editions contain prefatory essays by SI or SIL field =
specialists.  SIL encourages researchers and the public to bookmark this =
virtual bookshelf and visit it periodically, as new digital editions will =
be posted on a regular basis.=20

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