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open call

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Hi, I've been in contact with Rory Golden from the Center for Book Arts =
and he suggested that I send this call for submissions to this list.



Open call:
"ARTeur: Visual Codex"

To artists in ALL MEDIA for a two-venue group show to be held in the =
spring/summer 2002 in New York, NY and Baltimore, MD.  Work must be =
influenced and inspired by the meaning and concept of the "book" - not =
work in the book form, not work based on the artist's response to a text, =
and not necessarily text-based work - but work based on what people see as =
the inspiration for--about--through--and--with the written word.=20

We are looking for:
Visual manifestation of the idea of "the book" - someone may seek =
codification, communication, or dissemination and might, in other =
instances, logically create a book on this topic, "the book," in its =
traditional form, but in this case the result is visual art in other =
media, for ex. painting, video, photography..."  (Artists working in =
digital media will need to provide their own computer.)

Exhibition Background:

This exhibition will be held in collaboration with NY Arts Magazine and in =
conjunction with the publication of the eighth issue of the Baltimore-based=
 arts journal, Link: A Critical Journal on the Arts in Baltimore and the =
World - "LINK 8: Codex.,"   which will include statements from the =
exhibition. LINK 8 is the second in a two-part series which began with =
LINK 7: Code (fall 2001)--a tour of science, technology, and innovation in =
the arts, and culminates with LINK 8: Codex (spring 2002)--which asks =
writers and artists to comment on the place of "the book" or "a journal" =
in this visual/technical era by focusing on the reflexivity of the book as =
a physical object in the middle of an electronic age.=20

Postmark deadline for entries (firm): December 15, 2001
Send resume and documentation that best describes your work (20 slides =
and/or video/audio, CD-ROM, etc.) with SASE to:
318 E. 34th Street, Apt. 1A,=20
New York, NY 10016
DO NOT send original artwork.  For more information e-mail Donovane@primedi=
acmmg.com or satre@satre.org=20

The curators cannot be responsible for lost or damaged materials and will =
return materials only if provided a SASE with the appropriate return =

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