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Open House Report

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Thanks to all of you who attended the Holiday Open House yesterday at Ars
Brevis Press on Shangrila Drive (where else?) It was a gorgeous day;
attendance was beyond our dreams, and good time was had by all, busily
printing and binding the miniature calendars and chatting about the Book
Center and other upcoming things at the Cincinnati Book Arts Society.

Thanks especially from my heart to Cran Campbell, Jean Zimmerman, Gabrielle
Fox, Jerry Bellas, Celene & Jerry Hawkins, Bob Johnson and Susan Brumm for
so generously donating your time to help out both before during and after
the Open House. Thanks also go to the Indianapolis "Bunch" for so generously
donating certificates for us to use at Dolphin Papers to purchase the paper
for our miniature calendars. (If you were unable to attend the Open House
and would like to purchase a miniature calendar, please contact me for

Congratulations to our raffle winners!! First prize, CATS, a miniature book
by Gabrielle Fox, went to Lisa Jameson. Second prize, "You Know I Love You
Baby..." by K. Nelson Harper went to Jerry Bellas, and third prize, the
printed quote by Antoine de St. Exupery, went to Tom Furman.

Thanks, too, for expressing so much interest and enthusiasm for letterpress
and book arts in general, and the workshops offered by Cincinnati Book Arts
Society members in particular. I have attached a copy of my letterpress/book
arts workshop schedule for Winter 2002 as well as a copy of workshops
offered by Gabrielle Fox. (Note that there is a book printing/binding
intensive that we offer in collaboration this year!) There is also a
membership form for those of you who wish to join the Cincinnati Book Arts
Society and take advantage of the benefits and discounts. These are in PDF
form, so let me know if you cannot open and read them and I'll try sending
the attachments a different way to you personally.

Thanks to all who have joined thus far and to those who have attended and
will attend workshops and classes, lectures and other events sponsored by
CBAS and its members. Remember that your support, in large and even small
ways, not only helps you enjoy the bounty of working in book and printing
arts, but it goes a long way toward helping us realize our dream of building
a Cincinnati Book Arts Center where many, many more will be able know the
benefits of working in book, printing and paper arts.

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

Remember: Book arts will save the world!

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